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When is There a There There? When is There Not?

Ok, you have a group of people who want to do something of political or social significance.  What do you need to do it? You need a lot, and most of it will have to wait for later rants.  In … Continue reading

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Horseshoes On Your Car

How to Use Email: a few “Duhs” Most of you know that I’m the announcement dude for a large listserve or two, and know to send me things that you’d like to be widely distributed, especially to local Greens. What … Continue reading

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What I REALLY Don’t Know

Ok, I’m going to break from my usual pattern and talk about something I DON’T know for a while.  This is almost pure intuition I’m going on here.  Take it for what it’s worth. There is a CRISIS!!!, right? “Worst … Continue reading

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