A little more about “viral images”

First, PLEASE folks, don’t be afraid to comment about anything you see in this blog.  One reason for the “Rules 1&2” is that I’ve only told people about it whom I know to have some clue about how to maintain civil discourse.  Though the list includes some of my most feared critics, and I retain the option to delete any comments that I find harmful, there’s been no reason to do so yet.  I was hoping this blog would be a useful place for some of us to exchange info & ideas without the excessive and abusive traffic that can happen on some listserves.

And don’t be afraid to comment on the older posts.  I try to write mostly in a way that won’t get outdated fast, and I do check for additional comments on the old stuff.

Oh yeah, the viral images…

Daniel observed some imperfections in the graphics, which I believe are quite correctable if I decide to go with any of the existing images.  Judith didn’t like the “battered” kitten, observing that domestic violence is distinctly “not funny”.

This might be a question for the group to take up.  There’s a rule that might have taken me 50 years to learn:  “No matter what you joke about, there is someone to whom it is not funny.”  I haven’t assigned that rule a number yet.  If you’ve done any surfing to speak of, you know that what’s “not funny” is definitely fair game in most of the more popular places on the web.

The web’s sorta-anonymity has opened up a forum in which people rarely suffer any consequences for cruelty or stupidity.  Would we have it any other way?  Violence, scat, pr0n, and extreme political incorrectness are entirely normal in most of the fora that would host a viral image if it were successful.

So if an effective image for promoting the GP would stay away from certain topics, or certain presentations of those topics, what are the rules?

– Stay away from problems that many people don’t recognize?  (global warming, imperialism, concentration of wealth)

– Be sure to make fun of the perp and not the victim? (e.g, portray the big parties as the wife-beaters without the self-deceiving voter)  This would exclude making fun of workers who think their bosses know what they’re doing, for instance, or soldiers who think they’re defending hearth & home from demon-spawned foreigners.

Maybe it’s just that particular image that I used, and the way that I used it, and it just isn’t funny to enough people.  Then it’s simply that I haven’t yet found the Holy Grail.

Waddayall think?

Anyway, if anyone thinks a face-to-face brainstorming session is in order as Judith suggests, let me know.  You all know who I am and how to email me.  If you don’t, you shouldn’t be reading this.

Such a session would have to include computers, of course.  That’s where people keep all their favorite pictures these days.  If someone has an idea and needs a picture to match, it would be helpful to Google for a suitable picture on the spot.

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