That Ever-Elusive GUTGWWW

Though my attempt to get us all into a group process to find a GUTGWWW fell flat nearly a year ago, I get reminded once in a while of the need for it.

First, you must all read the following two articles.  This is important:

The Revolutionary Moment
Jonathan Schell
The February 01, 2011

Interview with Hossam el-Hamalawy
Mark LeVine

Is there a rather large contrast here, or what?  Jonathan Schell is full of feel-good magical thinking about how mysterious it is when the revolutionary moment comes, how no one would have guessed it.  Hossam el-Hamalawy tells you how it happened.  Not in detail, but at least gives you some clues.

Can we learn something here about making some big changes against an oppressive regime in other places, like our own country?

Comments always welcome, including the anonymous.

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One Response to That Ever-Elusive GUTGWWW

  1. Andrew Tonkovich says:

    I am impressed by how important it is for NPR and other “liberal” media to talk not about the insurrection but about the phones and Twitter and social media and, yes, about each other. But maybe now that Mubarak’s thugs beat up Anderson Cooper, the Thug-in-Chief will have to resign?

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