My California readers probably know all this already, if they’ve bothered to follow the elections at all.  This is just for the rest, who might be wondering how our primary turned out, based on my last post.

Orly Taitz came in fifth out of 24 candidates in the top two/jungle primary, or fourth out of 14 Republican candidates.  A good showing, certainly, but not as good as I was guessing a month ago.

Probably the biggest factor that I wasn’t considering at that time was the extremely low turnout.  Statewide figures don’t seem to be available yet, but in my own county (heavily Republican), turnout was about 26.5%.  This means that party regulars, frequent voters, would have been an unusually high proportion of the voters, and would lessen the effect of broad name-recognition, which I was expecting to work in Orly’s favor.

We can see the effect of the jungle primary, though, in contrast to the claims of Prop 14’s proponents:

(1)  that it would produce more moderate candidates in the general
…….(November) election

The second-place winner, who will go one-on-one against Feinstein in November, was Elizabeth Emken, promoted by the Rep Party machine, apparently, with an impressive mandate of 12.6% of the vote.  From what I see on her web site, the verbiage is pretty generic Rep Party stuff:  nothing moderate about it, unless your idea of “moderate” is “not wishing to completely abolish Social Security”.

(2)  that it would increase voter interest and turnout

Tell me about the rabbits, George.

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