Our corner of the world ten years ago

On this anniversary of the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, a little nod to everyone who was with us on Feb. 15th, 2003,  the largest coordinated protest in the history of the world, which most American politicians chose to ignore.  In Orange County, we didn’t do much, but we didn’t do nothing, either.

circle2We filled up the Orange Circle for a while, adding a couple of thousand people to the millions protesting that day.  Here’s to all of you, remembering better times.  Some are no longer with us.

kortneygroup1aY’all remember?


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9 Responses to Our corner of the world ten years ago

  1. Matt says:

    I remember it.

  2. There is a reason this country was founded on the principle of a government OF the people–many of seemed to know that this was the wrong thing to do before the “powers that were” finally had to admit that they were “misinformed.” Good for you for standing up for your convictions!

  3. Elyse says:

    I was out on the East Coast the night before the invasion, at the Lincoln Memorial. There was a candlelight vigil, Peter Paul & Mary sang (among others) and we held our candles as Dubya flew over us on his way back from Camp David.

    Yup, I remember too.

  4. Felicitynf says:

    We were there, too. So depressing that, ten years later, there are different targets, different pretexts, but the same culture of death and destruction…..

    • kitchenmudge says:

      The next President might get elected on the basis that he was among few voices against the disastrous invasion of Iran, and then decide to invade Pakistan. (I actually have a little trouble believing even our government is quite that stupid, but they keep on surprising me.)

  5. Josh says:

    Melissa and i were following Phish. But we knew we would be in vegas on the 15th to see them at the Thomas and Mack so we found a group of vegas greens, got all the details on the vegas protest, and we made killer flyers to pass out all over the parking lot the of the show the night before encouraging all the fans going to vegas the next day to hit the protest before the show. we only saw a handful of people from the night before at the demo, but we felt like we had done something. and if anyone wants a serious trip without the acid, go to an antiwar demo that walks the length of the vegas strip.

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