14 Responses to CLASH THOSE SYMBOLS!

  1. rrodarteblog says:

    You’ve got a Burning Man symbol. Google “Burning Man Symbology” and you’ll see the resemblance.

  2. Darius Sarrafi says:

    I really like Part I. What you said worked for me better than anything that has been said about the Confederate flag since the massacre. But part II seems like much ado about nothing. I don’t care for symbols. I agree with George Carlin that symbols are for the symbol-minded! What do we care if the Democrats are jackasses! Conversely, the image that should be conjured up in the average person’s mind is not a tree or a green planet, rather the compassion and inclusiveness. As for inclusiveness, the Green Party has a long way to go to make African Americans welcome. The GP is a majority white party and nominating a token black woman for VP doesn’t absolve the guilt…

  3. Darius Sarrafi says:

    Again tokens don’t matter. The Greens either don’t talk about the predicament of black people or aren’t talking about it loudly enough. Personally, I think if the Greens were in power the situation for all people especially African Americans would drastically improve. But I don’t see them migrating over any time soon!

  4. Jane says:

    Looks like a dude trying to squeeze one out and he’s not really happy about it.

  5. Phoebe says:

    Of the logos pictured, I like the Ca Green Party leafy G symbol best. It’s elegant and easy enough to draw or to replicate. It contains a heart, and its circle is much more appropriate than a diamond. No prob that it’s only a G and not a GP. After all, logos often have no letters or acronyms (Nike’s swoosh.) The one thing I like about the diamond’s G is that it is also like a circular arrow which connotes recycling. Much more important than settling on a national GP logo, is to choose & use a more effective acronym. GPUS can mean green pus! Instead, say USGP or GPofUS. (GPUSA is slightly better than gpus.) Gpus is the most counterproductive acronym imaginable, which people have complained about for years. EVERYONE who wants a strong GP, no matter what others use, just stop using it, and please send a respectful request to anyone who continues using that horrible acronym. Yes, it’s useful to have an acronym instead of typing out the words every time, and there are alternatives that do not connote disgust.

  6. Phoebe says:

    Reiterating–more important than our logo is to choose/use a more effective acronym such as USGP or GPoUS. (GPUS is obviously unacceptable.) Re logos, small GP’s could be added all over the 4 green lines of the stylized tree suggested logo, like leaves, which would make it more easily identified w/ the green party and less stark.

  7. Phoebe says:

    Naming, framing and acronyms are very important for success. Eg. A local church used to be called “1st Unitarian Church of Berkeley.” It had started in Berkeley but many years ago had moved to Kensington. Non-members loved to say, “They don’t call themselves the 1st UU Church of Kensington because their acronym would then be FUCK.” This little joke is what stuck in the general public’s mind most about that congregation, so finally the name was changed to UUCB, Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley a few years ago, yet still people tell the joke.

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