I’m not used to this flattery.

cavetrollCopied below is a comment I received on my last post (Apocalypse Now & Then). I didn’t approve it for posting because I first wanted to compose a proper “Thank you” in response. I also didn’t want my readers responding and starting a pointless flame war.

But here it is. Apparently, I deserve my own troll now.

Feb 11, 2017

And naturally what we must assume is that what
‘you’ submit must not be propaganda? You, with
a rather affected, premeditated, but puerile
moniker must possess the unbiased political
acumen that no one else has.
You, an insignificant non-entity of conformism
think that you can enlighten us to something
that only you thought of. You, a meaningless
blogger, in today’s world of meaningless
bloggers, is going to somehow edify the
world on your incalculable knowledge of
The compulsive dysfunctional narcissistic hubris
of the left has ceased to amaze me; it’s
just redundant propagandistic rhetoric
spewing out incessantly from the box of
denial and hypocrisy, such poor losers.

“Edward”, or whatever your name is, you raised my spirits quite a bit here. Just as our so-called President calls a sitting judge a “so-called judge”, and calls the most boring, mainstream, professional media “fake news”, by bothering to compose a comment calling me a “meaningless blogger”, you prove the opposite.

I never meant nor expected this blog to be anything but a repository for personal rants that I get tired of repeating in other places, such as email dialogue, and a place for my acquaintances to comment on my observations. The fact that someone with an animus against me should think it worthy of attention proves that I must be having some kind of influence. Wow. From time to time, I’ve almost given up on maintaining it. But maybe someone actually reads it from time to time?

And look at how many words were spent just to tell me I’m insignificant. The old “protesteth too much” is very much in evidence here. It’s something I might compose myself if I were to make a sock puppet to make my blog a little more exciting and at the same time ridicule anyone who might disagree with me.

pythonidiotssmallIf the Breitbart clowns, or some such organization, is paying “Edward” to troll me, they’re really not getting their money’s worth.

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10 Responses to I’m not used to this flattery.

  1. Elyse says:

    Let me pick up my jaw from the floor …

    You handled this turd quite nicely. I am impressed.

  2. Darius Sarrafi says:

    I have seldom seen someone use so many big words to say so little. Kudos Edward!

    • edward says:

      I wasn’t using big words, but everything is relative.

      • Darius Sarrafi says:

        Those are big words for you I’m sure since you had nothing intelligent to say – just ad hominem attacks! If you can refute what Mudge said point by point then your form will catch up with your content.

  3. edward says:

    Kitchenmudge (such an eloquent moniker) lives in her/his box of clichés, with her fanbase of sycophants. I’m instantly categorized a “troll” because that rather insidious and ubiquitous nomenclature is the default response from conformists such as Kitchen…. The truth is hard to handle, so let me spew out the troll epithet.

    Don’t flatter yourself you’re a complete non-entity to the Breitbart network.

    • kitchenmudge says:

      …says one who has no reason to care about anything I say, yet still flatters me by spending time here.

      • edward says:

        Actually, I spend about sixty seconds of my time submitting a comment; no need for cogitation. The truth, is that if you think my comments are valueless you wouldn’t bother to respond with your usual defensive and sarcastic retorts.

        Why would I care about anything you say, your propaganda is a tautology of bitterness.

  4. BroadBlogs says:

    People who insist that real news is big news will just end up hurting themselves.

    Trump has done a number of things that will hurt his constituents: His healthcare law that benefits Trump but leave many of his supporters uninsured is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Sad. (as he would say.)

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