The title “Kitchen Curmudgeon” was suggested to me years ago for reasons not worth explaining.  I’ve since found that several other people use that title, and will just call myself “Mudge”.  The first couple of years’ posts were moved over from an earlier blog hosted by Mysite.

Most of the people reading this blog know me from elsewhere, and that’s the way I like it.  Accidental visitors are welcome to read and comment, but you won’t find much specific personal info about me on the site.  If you really must know, leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you via email.

The blog’s original purpose was set forth in my earliest posts, and I still try to keep the writing close to my first-hand experience.  If I ever start writing at length about the fact that I’m writing, or the process of writing, please shoot me.

12 Responses to About

  1. Dazzlefish says:

    Nice graphics on new site. I like it.

  2. onagh says:

    Thanks so much for commenting on The Jamaica Inn (jamaicainn.wordpress.com) I loved the link to the TED Talk! Really great stuff. I agree on the Filter Bubble wholeheartedly – I caught the practice about a year ago and I am very aware of what is and is not being served to me via the Internet.
    Especially like your blog so I will be subscribing!!

  3. onagh says:

    Hello again and THANK YOU for the great links. I am so glad you sent the most recent link to my site, I really enjoy other opinionated people like me! I am reading, thinking and will give my thoughts shortly. Didn’t want you to think I ignored the information or abandoned the dialogue, just taking my time to digest. Cheers!!

  4. kRELL says:

    I really like this blog. Superb writing style plus doesn’t hurt that I agree with most of your opinions and subject matter. Excellent!

  5. The Fullerton Observer would like to print an excerpt of your Occupy Wall Street column with a link to your site in our hard copy. If that would be ok please contact me.
    Sharon Kennedy 714-525-6402 or observernews@earthlink.net

  6. Hi! Very happy to find your ‘American Autumn’ column in the Fullerton Observer. I just shared your blog with my facebook friends. Nice work! Know you are very much appreciated!!

    • kitchenmudge says:

      Thanks, Jill. My blog is mainly aimed at local activists, and some new readers might find my earlier posts interesting. Read it like the Bible: cherry-picking what you like, ignoring what you don’t like.

  7. I have spent my retired morning reading your blog and it’s history. I have enjoyed it immensely. You have probably seen this news story, but I wanted to be sure. It’s Al Gore on unsustainable capitalism. He mentions David Blood and a green fund firm.


  8. kitchenmudge says:

    Well, I read the article, but I don’t know how many companies would sign up for such a thing. It’s just not what making money is about.

  9. Mic Check says:

    Hi Kitchenmudge – would like to talk can you email us either via our NSAmail (formerly known as gmail) or Facebook? Thanks.


    PeopleRiseUpRadio [at] G mail [dot <— no idea why the Department of Transportation is involved with the internet ] com

  10. Ricardo says:

    I found your website through the link you posted at the Orange Juice Blog. So you are Green, good to know. I asked over there (OJB) : BTW: where are the Greens in Anaheim? How many people even know about this? (http://350.org/about/science/)

    • kitchenmudge says:

      The Green Party of Orange County meets on the first Sunday of the month at the Irvine Ranch Water District.

      As for Anaheim, the only Anaheim Green from whom we hear much in Party circles these days is Duane Roberts: http://anaheiminvestigator.wordpress.com/
      I don’t know whether climate change is a large part of his own agenda. There are a great many things for Greens to work on, and not many of us.

      But if you’d like to get announcements from the Greens in OC, send a blank email message to the address:

      You don’t need a Yahoo account to subscribe, and you can unsubscribe any time you like.

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