Link Collection

Because others can say things much better than I….

I collect links here.  Lots of them.  This is probably a place to spend some time when you’re bored.  Dull, preachy, and informational stuff near the top, light entertainment toward the bottom.

Green Party & Related, and Election Info – the main focus I’ve had for the last few years

General News, Commentary & Such – if you just want to catch up on what’s out there

Local Links – Worthy people and orgs with a focus on Orange County

Media Watch – People whose business it is to critique the media themselves (Yes, “media” is plural.)

Misc. Activism & Advocacy

Education and How-To – Whatever caught my eye as easy ways to get basic information and useful downloads

Light Entertainment – Almost anything can be here.

Treasury of Bad Food & Drink Videos – a particular category of entertainment that caught my eye once

Uncategorized Humor – Almost anything can be here, again.

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