Treasury of Bad Food & Drink Videos

Sandra Lee’s infamous Kwanzaa Cake
(under investigation as a hate crime)

How to Make Iced Tea
(…but he won’t tell you how he hid the bodies.)

pasi viherahon kokkinurkka
(classic Finnish cuisine, apparently)

Beach Bum 2:  Bartender creates her own drink.
Don’t mess with the creative process.

Wanda’s Macaroni Salad
(This bowl is Wanda’s salad.  Where’s yours?)

Bachelor Cooking 101 With Aria Giovanni – Omelette
(Something odd about it, but I’ll see who notices.)

Cofe Time for in talk English
(The title says it all.)

Proper Opossum Gourmet Cooking

Registered Sex Offender Cuisine
First,  just watch one of his videos:
Then, there’s the Gawker article:
…in which is cited his record as a sex offender.
The link is now broken, but used to be:

How to Cook Sausages


If you’re still working down the list at this point, you’re hardcore.

Not for everyone, but Masao is a legendary figure:

Introduction to Cooking With Masao

How to grill steak without a grill

Masaokis Cooking & Cleaning

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