I’ve ranted before about how the simple electronic image, distributed by individuals who take a fancy to it for whatever reason, is the most cost-effective advertising available these days.  The cost is next to zero, and there’s always the one-in-a-million chance of something going viral.

My post a few years ago offered some lame examples of my own making.  Below are some more lame examples.  What they mainly lack is the (often offensive) humor necessary to make something viral.  I fear that I’ve lost my sense of humor about people who profess to sympathize with us but won’t register Green.

Be that as it may, if anyone sees an idea worth stealing here, have at it.

Comments are welcome, especially advice about changes that might be needed before I advertise this to a broader readership.  As always, no need to use your real name in comments.

If the animated gifs aren’t working for you, you might want to clear your browser cache.










5 Responses to PROPAGANDA

  1. Patrick Conlon says:

    The Green Party: Rebelling against the status quo before it was cool.
    “When is the last time your presidential candidate took part in a nonviolent protest to voice the opinions of dissent” insert picture of Jill Stein tied to a chair for 8 Hour in the same building a presidential debate is happening.

  2. Bert says:

    Nice work. I do think however that GP needs to lose the notion of “live Green”. Why? Because most people (a.k.a. that majority of non-Greens that GP candidates need to get anyone elected) don’t want to mix their politics with their lifestyle. As one of the pieces states, “it’s a political party”. We should take our own advice.

    All day. All week.

    • kitchenmudge says:

      I did hesitate over the “live Green” part. It raises the preachy image (e.g., “We all need to be dumpster-diving, composting, vegan bicyclists.”), but I needed something to say that there’s more to being a citizen than voting. Suggestions are always welcome.

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