Light Entertainment

(Also see the Uncategorized Humor page.)

Long Listening

Serial Podcast:

There are also several good podcasts about the podcast around:
Serial Dynasty
Cold N. Holefield

Reply All – a show about the internet

The Moth:  Some great stories

This American Life (as if you needed to be told)

Routing Out

Tom Lehrer in Denmark 1967


Shorter Commitments of Time

A few food hacks from Crazy Russian Hacker:

Mr. Teh Tarik

Landfill Harmonic

Not exactly “light”, but a good rant:  Cornel West Explains Why It Bothers Him That Obama Will Be Taking The Oath With MLK’s Bible

Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping choir:

Chinese Bluegrass

Stupidity at 2500 frames per second

Cheese or Font?  Play the game:

Street art around the world

Impressive Rube Goldberg machine

Buncha showoffs doing a bit of Swan Lake
(The best is in the second half of the clip.)

We are here: The Pale Blue Dot

The best folding chair I’ve seen

How to fold a t-shirt

A little throat singing

Magic Highway USA

Kid shreds on accordion

And lest we forget the ukelele:

Chef makes noodles by hand

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