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This is a work in progress: recommended web sources for local news & activities in Orange County, California. They are in no particular order. Suggested additions are always welcome.

Dean Inada maintains a pretty comprehensive calendar of “progressive” political events happening in the County here:

The Fullerton area has several good sources for local news:

Friends for Fullerton’s Future Blog ceased publication recently, but the archives are still up, last I looked:
The Fullerton Observer
Fullerton Stories Blog
There’s also “The Voice of Some People” (some of my favorite people):

John Earl publishes Surf City Voice, centered in Huntington Beach, with local news that you won’t find elsewhere.

For independent local news about Santa Ana, there’s:

Don’t know much about Geoff West, but his blog is recommended as a source of independent news about Costa Mesa and Newport Beach:   http://abubblingcauldron.blogspot.com/

I likewise know Jeff Gallagher only by what he posts, but it contains local Tustin matters:

Reporting by our local free weekly can be widely variable.  It used to be better.  A search on their site can often yield interesting stuff from years gone by.

Vern Nelson is a very accomplished musician, and also seems to have taken over publishing the Orange Juice Blog.  Variety of contributors, sometimes interesting stuff.

Orange County May Day Coalition:

The Liberal OC seems very uh, “mainstream” Dem, but sometimes there’s something informative:

Another very Dem-centered publication is http://voiceofoc.org.  I reluctantly include it here because they clearly chose their name to get confused with ocvoice.com and ocvoice.org, which were Green-published, and an earlier incarnation of Surf City Voice.

Dan Tsang has a sizeable archive of interviews that he’s done over the years on KUCI.  Often includes local stuff:   http://subversities.blogspot.com/

Dwight Smith runs the Catholic Worker house in Santa Ana, and writes about his work there and related matters.

Two Occupations in the County
Most active these days seem to be two Fbook pages:


The old web sites don’t seem to have done much for the last year at least:

One originally centered on Irvine:
And one centered on Santa Ana, which doesn’t seem to be on the web any more, unless it’s one of the Facebooks above..

To keep up on antiwar activities in the County:
(The “member organizations” tab can lead you to a few orgs that might be doing something worthwhile.)
They also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/359294857208/

Dissent the Blog seems to be centered on the south coastal community colleges, but they might write about anything.

El Centro Cultural de Mexico has been very friendly to local non-profits, letting them use their space.  They also give classes and host interesting events from time to time.

Two of the better writers formerly of the above Weekly (Jim Washburn and Rebecca Schoenkopf) seem to write a lot at:  http://fourstory.org/, but not so much about the County these days.  Rebecca Schoenkopf purchased Wonkette.com, so you’ll see her writing there.

No surprise here:  Yeah, I’m a Green.  Whatcha gonna do about it?

The GPOC is also on Facebook, if you’re into that.

Andrew Tonkovich lives and teaches in the County, edits the Santa Monica Review, and hosts Bibliocracy on KPFK.

Sarah Mosko lives in the County and writes about environmental matters.

Joey Racano is a bluesman and friend of the environment who has left the County, but is far from forgotten.  He writes:  http://littleshell.earthsourcemedia.org/  He also has a YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/joeyracano1

The County also has a chapter of Slow Food, which might interest some of you:
They also have a Facebook page:

The Harvest Club shares surplus food from the many fruit trees & such around here.

The Grain Project operates community gardens in Santa Ana, and more.

Lisa Alvarez edits a literary blog for the County at:  http://themarkonthewall.blogspot.com/

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Good links, and I don’t mean just the surfcityvoice ones. It’s about time for me to make some revisions on my own links, so I will include the ones you have above.

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