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Judging from the number of clicks at different times, my most popular posts are the  language rants.  So let’s play to the gallery a little, for lack of a better idea right now.  There are lots of other people writing … Continue reading

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“He’s doing THAT again?”

More language ranting.  This time I’ll start with something that’s not really “wrong” in any way, but sometimes boring can be worse than wrong.  Ask any sullen adolescent.  It makes the listener shut down, ending all communication and producing a … Continue reading

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A good whine, I believe I’ll have another.

Enough people seemed interested in my last rant about language that maybe a sequel could be tolerated, just to make sure this horse is a little deader. It will follow a different format, as I try to explain what I … Continue reading

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Watch your language!

I’ve ranted elsewhere about bad habits of speech, including my own. This entry is mostly about things I see in writing.  That means someone is supposed to have thought a little before putting it down, and presumably thinks it makes … Continue reading

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A lot of what passes for wisdom often comes out in proverbs and clichés.  They’re used to support whatever the speaker wants to favor at the time, and their applicability varies widely with the situation.  Many of them conflict with … Continue reading

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