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Round Numbers Again

The last time we had a nice big round number come around on the timeline of history, I ranted about the world before & after WWI. Much as that event burned a black path across Western Civilization, there’s a much … Continue reading

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(See Launch of the Carnada for how I’m using this word.) The Edward Snowden affair gives us a chance to review some “talking point” canards that get dragged out by the usual talking heads whenever questions of government surveillance and … Continue reading

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Not a Techie

There might be quite a few forgettable movies with one memorable line in them.  Somehow, there’s one that keeps recurring in my brain circuits. Many years ago, sick at home, nothing else on the tv, I saw Support your Local … Continue reading

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Right away, you all are saying “What holiday?”, unless you think I’m silly enough to make a big deal out of Presidents Day, or something. Let me explain.  It will take a while, but it will eventually come around to … Continue reading

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Judging from the number of clicks at different times, my most popular posts are the  language rants.  So let’s play to the gallery a little, for lack of a better idea right now.  There are lots of other people writing … Continue reading

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More about Facebook

I’m still acquiring info about the notorious Facebook second-hand.  Here’s one recent article: Seven things you should never do on Facebook http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post-technology/seven-things-never-facebook-20110225-033737-441.html Considering how much stuff like this there is to worry about, I’ll pass on it for now. A late … Continue reading

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Warning: The following might be a waste of time if you’re already pretty well acquainted with using a computer.  Here’s how to decide whether to bother reading:  If you read the Know your Meme entry on Technologically Impaired Duck and don’t get … Continue reading

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PARTISAN RANT, with illustrations

It’s back-to-basics time, folks.  Here I’ll present my reasoning for the following thesis, and then you’re invited to comment on an advertising idea I’ve been playing with. The thesis: For the ordinary American, under ordinary conditions, there is almost NEVER … Continue reading

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Horseshoes On Your Car

How to Use Email: a few “Duhs” Most of you know that I’m the announcement dude for a large listserve or two, and know to send me things that you’d like to be widely distributed, especially to local Greens. What … Continue reading

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What I Know

I’ve decided this private blog should be a repository for things that I often find myself repeating to one person after another.  It’ll simply provide a convenient collection of the various observations I’ve made, to which I can refer people.  … Continue reading

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