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Coherent Criticism of Big-Name Social Media

I’m not really prepared to add any remarks of my own right now, but would like you all to read this column by Bruce Dixon and comment on it.  I’m especially interested in hearing from people who HAVE used the … Continue reading

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I want to be very clear about this.  The title above is NOT an insulting rhetorical question.  I really want to know what you’re thinking.  It’s easy to comment anonymously here. Please explain some things to me.  I’m just taking … Continue reading

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The Fight Evil Act of 2012

Good news, Californians.  This November, you have a chance to strike a real blow against evil! “Great!… but wait…”, I hear you say, “Didn’t we eradicate evil back in the 90s after the Three Strikes law was passed?  Aren’t all … Continue reading

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Not a Techie

There might be quite a few forgettable movies with one memorable line in them.  Somehow, there’s one that keeps recurring in my brain circuits. Many years ago, sick at home, nothing else on the tv, I saw Support your Local … Continue reading

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Right away, you all are saying “What holiday?”, unless you think I’m silly enough to make a big deal out of Presidents Day, or something. Let me explain.  It will take a while, but it will eventually come around to … Continue reading

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The one comment I received two posts ago, and it was a good one, mentioned how the media make much of the current forms of communication:  text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I sometimes think the “news” is a commercial for … Continue reading

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It’s no surprise that an otherwise intelligent and competent person can have a blind spot or two, or even consistently screw up at one thing or another.  Once in a while, I see repeat offenders in the way that some … Continue reading

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“I’m Earl Scheib and I’ll endorse ANYTHING for only $29.95.”

How many of us even remember Earl Scheib?  No matter.  The point is:  What the hell does it matter to anyone that Earl Scheib endorses something?  (…which he did not.  He’s long dead, of course.) If you’ve been active with … Continue reading

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A little more about trolls

Since the two replies I got to my “Censorship!” post were about trolls, I’ll go with that for a while, as it might interest somebody. First thing to remember: Whether something irritating is being done by a troll, a noob, … Continue reading

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What a dreaded word — one sure to push buttons among people who value free communication and openness to new ideas. Of course, as a listserve moderator, I’ve been accused of it from time to time.  If you’ve never used … Continue reading

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