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Nothing Certain, but Some Clues: Measure K in Orange Unified

Most of my readers have seen the compilation of personal endorsements that I’ve been publishing for local elections this November. You might wonder why I’ve made so few endorsements myself. Well, I like to maintain a little credibility, and that … Continue reading

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Since we’re often recruiting people with no previous experience in what we’re about, the danger of “a little knowledge” is always there. Every few years, someone will come to one of the groups that I’ve sometimes worked with and make … Continue reading

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Just say it, and then shut up.

A rant on effective communication No claims here to being a great communicator, but the beam in my own eye still allows me to see the motes in some others. I once knew someone who, in the course of a … Continue reading

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“I’m Earl Scheib and I’ll endorse ANYTHING for only $29.95.”

How many of us even remember Earl Scheib?  No matter.  The point is:  What the hell does it matter to anyone that Earl Scheib endorses something?  (…which he did not.  He’s long dead, of course.) If you’ve been active with … Continue reading

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