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Round Numbers Again

The last time we had a nice big round number come around on the timeline of history, I ranted about the world before & after WWI. Much as that event burned a black path across Western Civilization, there’s a much … Continue reading

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Coherent Criticism of Big-Name Social Media

I’m not really prepared to add any remarks of my own right now, but would like you all to read this column by Bruce Dixon and comment on it.  I’m especially interested in hearing from people who HAVE used the … Continue reading

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(See Launch of the Carnada for how I’m using this word.) The Edward Snowden affair gives us a chance to review some “talking point” canards that get dragged out by the usual talking heads whenever questions of government surveillance and … Continue reading

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Fair Warning:  The following is about the ups & downs of “third” parties in California.  If that’s not your thing, click over to my Link Collection for general education and entertainment.  I’m always adding stuff there. My alert readers (both … Continue reading

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The Fight Evil Act of 2012

Good news, Californians.  This November, you have a chance to strike a real blow against evil! “Great!… but wait…”, I hear you say, “Didn’t we eradicate evil back in the 90s after the Three Strikes law was passed?  Aren’t all … Continue reading

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New Blood

Back during the Arab Spring, I asked my readers to speculate about what it would take to get a large number of Americans to say:  “It’s time, it’s up to me.  This is more important than my favorite tv show … Continue reading

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More about Facebook

I’m still acquiring info about the notorious Facebook second-hand.  Here’s one recent article: Seven things you should never do on Facebook http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post-technology/seven-things-never-facebook-20110225-033737-441.html Considering how much stuff like this there is to worry about, I’ll pass on it for now. A late … Continue reading

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