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Many writers much better than myself have treated the multiple stories known as “Russiagate”, but it occurred to me that maybe my friends who don’t follow this mess full-time would like some kind of little summary of just what is … Continue reading

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I finally can publish this. The outline existed months ago, but publishing then would have gone over even worse with many people than it will now. Now, it’s clear. All the hoopla of the Sanders campaign has come down to … Continue reading

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Noise drowning signal, and more Serial

Another communication rant, with questions at the end. If you’ve been with me for a while, you might recall that I’ve mentioned phatic communication in earlier posts, beginning with this one.  There are many things we say that mean little … Continue reading

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Since you asked…

Warning: Pop culture references ahead. Sorry if you don’t watch HBO. It’s a strange experience for Greens: getting asked what we think. It does happen, though, usually at times like just about now. Yeah, Sanders. Whenever the Titanic parties seem … Continue reading

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Further rant on propaganda: getting personal

Before reading this, you might want to look at my recent attempts at Green Party propaganda here: https://kitchenmudge.wordpress.com/link-collection/green-party-related-and-election-info/propaganda/ I showed them to the Greens on my list and they had little to say.  Maybe non-Greens can give me some nice … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges’ Empty Chair Speech

Some good-quality videos of Green Party stuff are becoming available, and this recent one is something to hear, if you have the time: So you have a choice.  You can take an hour to watch the video and then read … Continue reading

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