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Further rant on propaganda: getting personal

Before reading this, you might want to look at my recent attempts at Green Party propaganda here: https://kitchenmudge.wordpress.com/link-collection/green-party-related-and-election-info/propaganda/ I showed them to the Greens on my list and they had little to say.  Maybe non-Greens can give me some nice … Continue reading

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I promised it long ago.  Here it is.  A compilation of my accumulated wisdom as a veteran Green.  The key to the universe… Well, not exactly.  It might be my wisdom, but that doesn’t mean you should expect a helluva … Continue reading

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Not a Techie

There might be quite a few forgettable movies with one memorable line in them.  Somehow, there’s one that keeps recurring in my brain circuits. Many years ago, sick at home, nothing else on the tv, I saw Support your Local … Continue reading

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A little more about “viral images”

First, PLEASE folks, don’t be afraid to comment about anything you see in this blog.  One reason for the “Rules 1&2” is that I’ve only told people about it whom I know to have some clue about how to maintain … Continue reading

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PARTISAN RANT, with illustrations

It’s back-to-basics time, folks.  Here I’ll present my reasoning for the following thesis, and then you’re invited to comment on an advertising idea I’ve been playing with. The thesis: For the ordinary American, under ordinary conditions, there is almost NEVER … Continue reading

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Horseshoes On Your Car

How to Use Email: a few “Duhs” Most of you know that I’m the announcement dude for a large listserve or two, and know to send me things that you’d like to be widely distributed, especially to local Greens. What … Continue reading

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