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I finally can publish this. The outline existed months ago, but publishing then would have gone over even worse with many people than it will now. Now, it’s clear. All the hoopla of the Sanders campaign has come down to … Continue reading

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Right away, you all are saying “What holiday?”, unless you think I’m silly enough to make a big deal out of Presidents Day, or something. Let me explain.  It will take a while, but it will eventually come around to … Continue reading

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Neither fish nor fowl, but edible

My congratulations to the organizers of the third annual Orange County Progressive summit. I’m sure something was accomplished there, though one never knows for sure what.  I’ll go into that later.  Some of this will undoubtedly sound “negative” to some.  … Continue reading

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Since we’re often recruiting people with no previous experience in what we’re about, the danger of “a little knowledge” is always there. Every few years, someone will come to one of the groups that I’ve sometimes worked with and make … Continue reading

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Just say it, and then shut up.

A rant on effective communication No claims here to being a great communicator, but the beam in my own eye still allows me to see the motes in some others. I once knew someone who, in the course of a … Continue reading

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Horseshoes On Your Car

How to Use Email: a few “Duhs” Most of you know that I’m the announcement dude for a large listserve or two, and know to send me things that you’d like to be widely distributed, especially to local Greens. What … Continue reading

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Whom I Don’t Know

Tom mentioned “infiltrators in the local peace movement” as a topic we might take up.  (No, I’m not using the royal “we”.  I consider comments received to be part of the blog.) This really brings up the subject of ANY … Continue reading

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