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Since you asked…

Warning: Pop culture references ahead. Sorry if you don’t watch HBO. It’s a strange experience for Greens: getting asked what we think. It does happen, though, usually at times like just about now. Yeah, Sanders. Whenever the Titanic parties seem … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges’ Empty Chair Speech

Some good-quality videos of Green Party stuff are becoming available, and this recent one is something to hear, if you have the time: So you have a choice.  You can take an hour to watch the video and then read … Continue reading

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. Advice, n.  The smallest current coin. “The man was in such deep distress,” Said Tom, “that I could do no less Than give him good advice.”  Said Jim: “If less could have been done for him I know you … Continue reading

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In thinking up the title for this rant, I simply wanted a word based on “canard” (French for “duck”), but with the epic failure of “Armada” incorporated.  As it happens, “carnada” is the Spanish word for “bait” or “chum”, which … Continue reading

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New Blood

Back during the Arab Spring, I asked my readers to speculate about what it would take to get a large number of Americans to say:  “It’s time, it’s up to me.  This is more important than my favorite tv show … Continue reading

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