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Many writers much better than myself have treated the multiple stories known as “Russiagate”, but it occurred to me that maybe my friends who don’t follow this mess full-time would like some kind of little summary of just what is … Continue reading

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Just some notes on what everyone has been talking about for the last three months. I’ve sat through two round tables about what to do now, and there’s never enough time to really come up with much. I hope that … Continue reading

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I don’t usually like to write about things that are probably much better explained by others (this one, for instance), https://theintercept.com/2016/11/09/democrats-trump-and-the-ongoing-dangerous-refusal-to-learn-the-lesson-of-brexit/ but here it is. With so many people saying “WTF just happened?”, I feel obliged to explain a little. … Continue reading

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Do Dems want advice? Doubt it.

In the commentary following the Dems’ expected mid-term drubbing, I’m getting echos of childhood and not-so-childhood.  Let’s see if you can follow me here. We’ve all known that kid. Any number of activities could be used to illustrate, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Nothing Certain, but Some Clues: Measure K in Orange Unified

Most of my readers have seen the compilation of personal endorsements that I’ve been publishing for local elections this November. You might wonder why I’ve made so few endorsements myself. Well, I like to maintain a little credibility, and that … Continue reading

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Further rant on propaganda: getting personal

Before reading this, you might want to look at my recent attempts at Green Party propaganda here: https://kitchenmudge.wordpress.com/link-collection/green-party-related-and-election-info/propaganda/ I showed them to the Greens on my list and they had little to say.  Maybe non-Greens can give me some nice … Continue reading

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My Triumphal Post-Election Unicorns and Rainbows Post

Betcha didn’t see that coming. I’m the contracted “kitchen curmudgeon”.  I don’t often do unicorns and rainbows, to say the least.  But there IS an upbeat message here.  Gotta be patient. You’re undoubtedly sick of seeing Dem triumphalism in post-election … Continue reading

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