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Master Lully, cue the trumpets.

Ran across the above graphic on a couple of image boards recently.  To most of you, it’s just a one-second snort at the pun, and move on to the next image.  I have the misfortune to have read a certain … Continue reading

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I declared at the founding of this blog that I would keep it as much as possible to subjects that I know first-hand. Probably gonna violate that now. To anyone keeping up with the news, the hits have been coming … Continue reading

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The one comment I received two posts ago, and it was a good one, mentioned how the media make much of the current forms of communication:  text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I sometimes think the “news” is a commercial for … Continue reading

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That Ever-Elusive GUTGWWW

Though my attempt to get us all into a group process to find a GUTGWWW fell flat nearly a year ago, I get reminded once in a while of the need for it. First, you must all read the following … Continue reading

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