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I’m not used to this flattery.

Copied below is a comment I received on my last post (Apocalypse Now & Then). I didn’t approve it for posting because I first wanted to compose a proper “Thank you” in response. I also didn’t want my readers responding … Continue reading

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Spoiler alert! Trigger alert! Every lert you can think of. Them lerts are everywhere, dang ’em. Remember that line from Jeremiah Johnson: ” …a tribe’s greatness is figured on how mighty its enemies be.” That’s what Hannah Arendt ran into … Continue reading

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A good whine, I believe I’ll have another.

Enough people seemed interested in my last rant about language that maybe a sequel could be tolerated, just to make sure this horse is a little deader. It will follow a different format, as I try to explain what I … Continue reading

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A little more about trolls

Since the two replies I got to my “Censorship!” post were about trolls, I’ll go with that for a while, as it might interest somebody. First thing to remember: Whether something irritating is being done by a troll, a noob, … Continue reading

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What a dreaded word — one sure to push buttons among people who value free communication and openness to new ideas. Of course, as a listserve moderator, I’ve been accused of it from time to time.  If you’ve never used … Continue reading

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Life Without Life

Pat referred to the “having no life” part, and maybe that’s a good subject for a rant.  I’ll be drawing on an earlier rant that you might have seen by email. There’s an amusing Southpark episode in which an online … Continue reading

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Whom I Don’t Know

Tom mentioned “infiltrators in the local peace movement” as a topic we might take up.  (No, I’m not using the royal “we”.  I consider comments received to be part of the blog.) This really brings up the subject of ANY … Continue reading

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