Alien contact, and some more clues for them.

I received the following message recently, and thought you all should see it.


Dear Mudge,

Your post entitled “Living in the Uncanny Valley” has come to the attention of the Placement Authority for Helixontakers.  “Helixontakers” is a very crude translation of what we call our “people”. It has no pronunciation, since we don’t use sound for our language. It refers to something we do that involves moving through seven or eight dimensions, performing an act that you can’t imagine.

That name in translation was shortened by an early observer (usually ignored, as prophets are) to “Helots”. Here he is seen describing his own crude assessment of our nature:

We tried to explain a bit more to him, but he hopped a freight and disappeared before we had a chance. Continue reading

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Coherent Criticism of Big-Name Social Media

I’m not really prepared to add any remarks of my own right now, but would like you all to read this column by Bruce Dixon and comment on it.  I’m especially interested in hearing from people who HAVE used the big-name social media to promote good causes.  As always, no need to use your real name when leaving comments.


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Privacy? No big deal.

Maybe I’m very late in dicovering this guy’s experiments, but it raises the obvious question:  Why don’t people react the same way to surveillance cameras that are EVERYWHERE in public places these days?

…not to mention having all your web surfing and phone metadata recorded, and accessible to people you’ve never heard of?

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Readers who’ve been with me for a while might remember my long digression on “The Great War” some years ago here:

We’re now approaching the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of that war.  As with any such round number coming around, there might be quite a few essays about it circulating soon.  Let’s see if I can get a jump on them.

The U.S. made a pretty big deal last year about the 150-year anniversary of Gettysburg, and I guess that’s to be expected.  Europe and the Commonwealth can be expected to make a much bigger deal about the Great War than Mercans will.  It’s a more relevant
thing to them, for some fairly obvious reasons.  So maybe I’m filling a little gap here, just for my friends, pointing out this watershed in Western history.

FreeTradeThe basics are covered in that earlier digression, but let’s expand a little.  In fact, let’s just jump over a few centuries.

The early eighteenth century had a great war in which the question to be decided was:  “Will France control western Europe?”

The early nineteenth century had a great series of wars over the question:  “Will France or Britain dominate the western hemisphere?

The early twentieth century had The Great War,  a contest over “What state, or alliance, will control most of the world?”  As it developed, the question became, “Will Europe survive this at all?”  Those questions were so big they required a whole additional war twenty years later.


ozymandiassmallIn the early twenty-first century, the questions are:  “Will the planet be habitable a century from now?” and “Does anyone in our government have any shame left at all?”

So, as I sit here looking at my grandfather’s dogtag from WWI, let’s just think of the world then and now, and see where it leads us. Continue reading

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I want to be very clear about this.  The title above is NOT an insulting rhetorical question.  I really want to know what you’re thinking.  It’s easy to comment anonymously here.

sombodyexplainittomesmallPlease explain some things to me.  I’m just taking wild guesses at what some activists are thinking when they send me communications.  You’re my comrades.  My tribe.  I want to help, but I have to understand you first.

Haven’t heard much from most of you in the last month or so.  Yes, I understand, “We need to ACT NOW TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM TOTAL DEVASTATION”, but not during the holidays, right?  The biggest exception is big national orgs that want me to send money during the “holiday season”.  I don’t know why they think people have money to spare during that time, but these are people who are always asking for money anyway.  I won’t try to understand.

Anyway, here are some questions, and the reality I perceive that prompts them.

Continue reading

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Further rant on propaganda: getting personal

Before reading this, you might want to look at my recent attempts at Green Party propaganda here:
I showed them to the Greens on my list and they had little to say.  Maybe non-Greens can give me some nice hostile reactions just to break up my day.

I’ll continue on that ever-recurring question:  “How the hell do we convince more people to register and vote Green, not to mention take an active part in Party affairs?”

There’s a common theme that I’ve caught myself at in those graphics I made.  We often use the “domestic abuse” theme when talking about Dem activists who keep going back to their abuser no matter how many promises are broken, crudely illustrated thus:

greenhitsmecat2and the bits I’ve put together on that page are often of the “We toldja so” or “You made a bad choice” variety. Continue reading

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Living in the Uncanny Valley

I sit here overlooking the alley as I write, and for the last half-hour there has been a steady “clop, clop, clop, clop” as someone carries things from garage to dumpster, and goes back for another load.  Think about that.  What kind of shoe makes a “clop, clop, clop”?  Someone is wearing WHITE PUMPS to clean out her garage.

I shouldn’t really say “her”, though.  I don’t know whether these beings have gender in their original form.  This is the point in the movie where a space alien living among us, or some android, cylon, or whatever, trying to pass for human, gives itself away with some glaring mistake in mimicking human behavior.

You don’t find this unsettling?

Ok, I’ll admit that ONE alien wearing the wrong shoes doesn’t quite make an invasion, but there’s much more.

cateaupotablesmallThink of what they add to every weather forecast that involves heat nowadays.  They tell everybody to drink water and stay in the shade or in air conditioning.

Surely, that settles it.  As far as I can observe, every organism on this planet drinks water one way or another, and those of us with nervous systems have a little reminder we call “thirst” telling us when to do so.  We also like to stay in the shade, and in air conditioning, if available, when it’s hot.  No one needs to be told this, except, maybe, those creatures that are trying to appear human but don’t have the same built-in responses the rest of us have.  They have enough control over the mass media that they use it to remind their buddies how to keep up the act.

Still not getting that creepy feeling? Continue reading

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